The short term (0-6 months) rating for U.S. equities is Neutral, suggesting equity investors should keep their equity exposure close to their benchmark.

The short term (0-6 months) rating for U.S. government bonds is Neutral, suggesting bond investors should keep their exposure close to their benchmark

The long term (3-5+ years) annualized return estimate for U.S. equities is only about 1%, suggesting U.S. equities are very overvalued currently.

Our Strategic Lead Signals (Aggregate), measure the prospects for the economic outlook 6-12 months in advance. The current bearish reading suggests the outlook is weak.

Our Business Conditions (Momentum) signal suggests that current business activity in the U.S. is weak.

Our money impulse signal is neutral, signalling that money growth in the U.S. is neither bullish, nor bearish.