Is it time to invest in UK equities?

UK equities - is it time to invest?

Over the last 2-3 years you haven’t been able to open a newspaper without hearing something about Brexit. Every day there seems to be some new development, yet we never seem to get anywhere.

By now you are probably tired of hearing about it. We are as well.

But given all the negative news surrounding Brexit, it begs the question: is now the right time to invest in UK equities? as the saying goes: in crisis, there is opportunity.

We believe there is opportunity in UK equities, and it’s not only us. Apparently Warren Buffett is ready to buy in Britain regardless of Brexit.

But how can we quantify how positive the outlook is for UK equities?

After all, as investors we should be aware of the short, medium, AND long term outlooks. An investment could be attractive in the long-term, however we don’t want to get hit by a sudden drawdown in the short term.

To answer these questions we recently used our multi-asset investing software, the ClearENGINE™, to determine if UK equities offer any value over the three time horizons. The ClearENGINE™ processes vast amounts of data, and then transforms it into easy to understand investment ratings. It allows you to save time and analyse the multi-asset universe in a more structured way, by leveraging big data and technology.

In the short video below we quickly analyse UK equities as an asset class, and determine if it offers value over the short, medium, and long-term.

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