The wealth management industry is facing many challenges these days.

The industry is in transition; money is moving out of active funds and into passive ones.

As a result margins are being squeezed.

Moreover, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to keep up with the technological changes that are taking place.

And if that wasn’t enough, the constant stream of research and data is making it harder than ever to know what information matters, and what doesn’t.

According to this article on Wealthadviser, 68 per cent say learning about and keeping up with new technology is the top challenge they face. 41 per cent say advanced analytics and cognitive technologies will have the greatest impact on the wealth management industry over the next three years. Furthermore, 65 per cent spend most of their time on client acquisition and onboarding, i.e. the majority of the time is not actually spent analysing the markets.

ClearMacro was founded to help wealth and asset managers with these challenges. Our software, the ClearENGINE™, transforms vast amounts of data into intuitive and easy to understand analytical tools. It allows you to determine which asset classes offer the best opportunities, as well as biggest risks, over the short, medium, and long term.

The ClearENGINE™ is also capable of analysing your current asset allocation, or multi-asset, portfolio and highlighting how you can optimize it to achieve a higher risk adjusted return.

And for the people who are interested in shorter term, tactical asset allocation trades, the software can generate TAA trade ideas in just a few minutes.

Below we have included a short video that shows how you can use our software to optimize your asset allocation/multi-asset portfolio:

ClearMacro was founded to help wealth management companies, and asset managers, simplify their investment process, save time, and ultimately boost their investment returns.

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